About Us

Iman Kids preschool aims to nurture future Quranic Generations; those who submit themselves as righteous slaves to Allah and Caliphs of the earth who contribute to the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Our goal is to build future generations that use the Quran as a source of guidance and solution in life, that comply and prioritize Allah’s decree above self needs and worldly desires.

It is necessary to cultivate a solid Aqeedah from the very beginning as we believe that the key to establish a solid foundation starts with tarbiyatul aulad – early childhood education in accordance with Islam.

Iman Kids strives to ensure a life-long journey with the Quran starts with exciting early childhood education by encouraging social interaction and creative play. We believe the Quranic journey should be enjoyable for children to learn about the Almighty and develop upright morals with Allah and society, and thus instill the ideal success in both Dunya and Akhirah.

Our Vision

A leading educational institution committed to nurturing future generations with strong iman, taqwa, and akhlaq through better comprehension and understanding of the teachings of the Holy Quran and its implementation in daily life.

Our Mission

To cultivate academic proficiency, noble character, social skills, healthy lifestyle, and pious deeds within a bigger and holistic concept of ibadah based on al-Quran through play and fun activities.

Our Story

Our Modules

Iman Kids trial classes are still ongoing, so grab the chance while it lasts and see how Iman Kids
can h
elp your child grow into the next Quranic Generation!

Iman Exploration is an introduction for each month’s theme in learning. Your child will be introduced the concept of vocabulary and theme.

Iman Tauheed is a session that allows your children to learn more about Allah SWT as our creator by learning the names of Allah and His basic teahings. The session aims to get your children to know their creator and build relationships at their young age by knowing the concept of Lailahaillallah.

Iman Iqro aims to let your children learn the basic concept of hijaiyyah letters (Arabic alphabets). They will learn they types of hijayyah letters, how to write the letters as well as how to spell and pronounce it correctly.

Iman stories are a session of stories of the inspiring prophets and the sahabahs. The session aims for the children to know about their heroes and idolise them in their daily lives and as a lesson to take home.

What we offer?

4 – 6 years old

7 – 10 years old

Fixed Timetable

Small Class Size
for Maximum Interaction

Quranic Based

Quarterly Progress Report

Our Team


Ustazah Suwaibah Muda

Syariah Islamiyah

University of Al-Azhar, Kaherah

Pre-School Principle in Brunei for 15 years

Dr Dinatul Akmal

Medical Doctor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Bachelor of Medicine, University of Trisakti, Indonesia

Dr Alaq Ashiqin

Medical Doctor,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Specialist Children’s Hospital

Bachelor of Medicine, University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Siti Khadijah

Children & Adolescent Behavioural Health

Master of Public Health,
Universiti Malaya

Bachelor of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Ms Nabilah Hassan

Educational Psychologist

Master of Educational Psychology,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Bachelor of Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia


Ms Adilah Zainal

Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Management & Science University

Ms Farihan Nafisah

Kursus Asuhan Pertama (KAP) Holder

Master of Engineering Management,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Bachelor of Engineering, 
University of New South Wales, Australia

Ustazah Anum Suraya

Arabic Language

Bachelor of Arabic Language,
Universiti Malaya

Ms Tuan Nur Ainurnie Arsyiah

Hafizah Al-Quran

Bachelor of Biomedical Science,
Management & Science University

Our Package

Online class package

RM 80 monthly

Abu Bakr

  • 1 Kid
  • 4 sessions
RM 300 / RM75 monthly


  • 1 Kid
  • 16 sessions
  • prepay for 4 months
RM 150 monthly


  • 2 Kids
  • 4 sessions
RM 580 / RM 145 monthly


  • 2 Kids
  • 16 sessions
  • prepay for 4 months

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